A lightweight, in-browser wallet for Cardano.

No installation. No private data stored. Fast, secure and free forever.

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Light & Fast

No need to download a large installation, or synchronize blocks on the first run


The source code is small and publicly available, and we encourage people with technical ability to review the codebase by themselves

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Trezor model T

Hardware Wallet

We support Trezor Model T

Disclaimer: AdaLite is not created by Cardano Foundation. This is an alternative to the official Daedalus wallet, created and maintained by Vacuumlabs, a fintech engineering company.

Why AdaLite

We aim to provide a full-fledged, in-browser alternative to the official Daedalus wallet

Runs everywhere

Works on every modern browser, including the mobile platform

Extremely lightweight, works instantly

Less than 500kB. No download required. No need to sync the whole blockchain on the first run

No private data stored

Absolutely nothing is stored on either the local or server machine - no trace left once you leave the page

Maximum safety

We support Trezor Model T, one of the safest ways to store your funds.

Codebase in check

The app is and will always be opensource. Security audits and peer reviews are encouraged (and we’re gratefull for each one of them)

Compatible with Daedalus

At anytime you decide to switch to the official Daedalus app, you can do so without taking any extra steps

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